When it comes to packing kayaks, one really opts for foldable or inflatable kayaks. This is one of the best when it comes to looking for space as well as is independent with zero-faff paddling. It allows you to have extra padding, which will keep it nice and flat always and is easy to set up. There are a lot of kayaks which are new, smaller, cheaper and can packageable but understanding the difference between the two can help you understanding kayaking better.

Portable Kayak

Portable kayak is a good idea which can explain a lot of kayak being portable. Kayaks are portable, which can allow you to have easy access to them. This is one of the best as a portable kayak can be lightweight and is convenient enough to have the right shape and size. A portable backpack is a bag which needs straps and paddles to help you walk to the spot. A portable kayak is easy to carry and can also be strapped to the roof of the vehicle. They can also be used as public transport when you are at any nearest watery retreat.

Benefits of having a portable kayak

  • It is easier to get to a remote place.
  • Travelling in water is easier.
  • You can camp away from the water’s edge.

The Negatives of portable kayaks

  • The will lack in performance when compared to the regular kayaks.
  • They are much less durable than the regular kayaks.

Inflatable vs Folding Kayak

Both inflatable and folding kayak can be different as they have different ways they can be used and can be quicker to help with folding kayaks as they are much more straightforward in use.

The set-up time

This is one of the man questions that people have when they are looking for any quicker solutions when folding a kayak. An inflatable kayak is an easy process where you need to figure out getting the fin and can also allow you to offer the challenges as there are a lot of components to deal with.


This is one of the major downsides that inflatable kayaks have to deal with as it requires time to completely dry. Folding kayak, on the other hand, is much easier to try and can be left in the sun for a few hours before you fold it up and get ready to use it again.


When it comes to portability, folding kayaks are the best as they are quite light. But once any fabric is set in water, it tends to get heavier, which makes inflatable kayak much harder. Inflatable kayaks work with pumps as well, and when considering the whole package, they can add a lot of bulk.


Any archer can tell you the importance of having a good arrow rest as it provides the support for your arrow to rest. This most of the times, determine the stability of your arrow. If you are looking for some of the arrows rests we have gathered some of the best arrows rests in the market.

Ripcord code red drop-away arrow rest

Ripcord produces one of the most durable drop-away arrow rest. It has an aluminum body which makes it a great choice as you do not have to worry about any rust or damage. It yields the archer with superior performance while providing accuracy and comfort. It is a durable launcher that allows you to rest even while being nocked. There is also a windage adjustment which allows for a wider range of the riser. Attachment is also not a hassle as it comes with a high-quality clamp which allows for firm attachment to the cord.

Truglo Down-Draft cable Driven Full containment drop away arrow rest

This arrow rest is reputable because of its simplistic design, which does not require a lot of manual assembling. It is a process which does not require a bow press. It is an arrow rest which is accessible to both left and right-handed archers, it is easy to adjust and setup and the rubber dampeners allows for a quite arching experience. The body is solid metal which allows durability and is ideal for both experts as well as beginners.

Quality Archery Design QAD ultra rest HDX

For the best drop away arrow rests in the market quality archery design arrow rest gives you the perfect combination of features that you expect from a high-cost model. The body is stainless steel with the rust-resistant ability, which can help you serve many years. It has a lock feature which avoids any vibration and has a great arrow containment. With a sleek design, it can easily curate accurate shots. If you are looking for more arrow rest reviews, look for a design which creates less vibrations that allows for a better aim.

Vapor trail limb driver pro v rest RH

One arrow rest that has been proven to be user-friendly and easy to set up is the vapor trail limb driver as an improvement to many other arrows rests in the market. It provides with extended duration of support to arrows and has tension springs that can be adjusted to your liking and the superior limb is driven arrow rest ensure that there is fewer vibrations created while shooting allowing which gives it a better result. The containment cage is big, which create bounce back issue and the design also hinders with the strings making it a bit difficult for the archer, especially if the arrow needs to be adjusted due to winds.

Maintenance Tips Survival Knife- For Increasing Its Lifespan

The survival knife is considered as one of the most important tools that you need for a wide variety of purposes including spearing, chopping, batoning and many other important purposes. It is one of the things that I always take with me camping. You can use this knife for many outdoor tasks but for this, you will need to know maintenance tips survival knife so that you will enjoy using this multi-functional and versatile tool for your everyday use. Taking care of this knife is very important because it is an important investment that will be with you for many years to come. You will need to make sure that this knife remains in great shape because it takes a lot of beating and helps you survive in adverse conditions.

Maintenance tips survival knife

Always keep it clean– if you want to enhance the longevity and lifespan of your survival knife then you will need to make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly after every use. The cleaning of the knife is very important for removing the bacteria and other contaminants that are present on the knife. Rather than cleaning the knife intensely, you need to just wipe it regularly and wash with running water and soap so that it will remain in good conditions for many years to come.

Protect from rust and corrosion– taking care of the survival knife is very important for protecting it from rust and corrosion because rust can break the blade of the knife. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your knife will have a sharp cutting edge and it will not face corrosion.

Keep it well sharpened– if your knife is not sharp enough, it will not serve the purpose for what it been purchased and hence you will need to make sure that the knife is well sharpened. Having a dull knife can be dangerous for your life as you will be unable to perform any of the outdoor tasks and hence you will need to make sure that you sharpen the knife on a regular basis.

Oil your knife– if you want to keep the blade of your knife in good working condition then you need to oil it regularly which includes oiling the joints and springs. For this, you will need to use a few drops of oil for massaging on the knife. It will also prevent rusting and you will enjoy a sharp edge blade on your knife that will be used for different purposes.

Store it in a dry place– survival knife plays an important role in helping you from different situations and dangers but when not in use, you will need to store the knife in dry place. You should avoid keeping the knife in a humid environment and take proper care of the knife so that it will be protected from every kind of damages. The survival knife will be at your side during your most difficult times as it will offer you the kind of protection that you are looking for as you will get the best services from the use of this knife.

Buying Guide For Soft Coolers – BGKOA Guide 101

Most of the people who venture outdoors don’t really like lugging around those bulky wheeled coolers which are super heavy once you fill all the stuff in. And more importantly, why carry around such a huge wheeled cooler when you know there aren’t many people to cater to? At such times, the soft cooler comes to the rescue! So if you’re planning to buy a soft cooler there are plenty of ice chests to choose from. Make sure that you choose the best that will suit your needs. In this article, we will see the tips to choose the best soft coolers.

There are many sizes of soft coolers available – so first, you decide what size will suit your requirements. SO for solo or couple trips, you can safely go in for a soft sided cooler that has a capacity as per your carrying requirements. Just because a specific soft cooler mentions it has so and so carrying capacity, it doesn’t mean it actually has that much. So check out and then buy.

Most of the soft coolers come with separate compartments for the stuff to be kept cool and other stuff that can be kept at normal temperature. So if you’re looking for a cooler that has full cold storage, make sure you get the one you want. Else you always have the option of settling for the one with compartments.


As compared to hard coolers, the softer ones have a limited ability to keep stuff fresh for a longer time. So it’s best you look out for the duration for which the cooler can keep your foodstuffs and beverages cool. Depending on where you are heading to, buy a cooler that can suffice you for the period of your outdoor stay.

Carrying method:

There are two types of handles for soft coolers – either you can carry it as a backpack, or the other option is to carry it on the shoulder. So according to where you’re heading to with the soft cooler, choose one as per your convenience. The backpack style is always better – just sling it on your back, and you’re hands-free for the rest of the time.

Waterproof cover:
Most of the soft coolers out there face this issue of not being able to sustain in wet climates. When you’re buying a soft cooler, make sure you invest in one that is made of waterproof material as only then will it be able to protect the materials you store inside. Also, waterproof coolers won’t affect the insulation too.

Precautions To Consider While Riding A Hoverboard

Hoverboards can be fun to ride but also dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. We’ve all seen YouTube videos of people trying out hoverboards for the first time and the situation ending up in pain. If you are planning to get yourself a new one, make sure you go through the online reviews from  before buying and follow these precautions while using hoverboards.

  • Practicing riding before hitting the road

It would not be wise to get on your new hoverboard and take off on it the first you bring it back home from the store. You at least need to know how to work your way around it. The first basic skill you need to have is a balance. This is very critical when you have to get on or off the device; make sure you go in one foot at a time and that you step backward when getting off. Another thing to consider is that you should maintain a straight posture and not to bend your knees while riding it. Your feet should be apart and your focus straight ahead, not on the hoverboard. These are all skills you should master before deciding to go riding outside on the road. Any accidental fall can leave you with a serious injury; especially if it involves your head.

  • Be cautious while riding at night

If you are not an expert hoverboard rider, you shouldn’t be riding it at night. However, if you have to you, it is imperative that you take extra precaution. Even though hoverboards have lights, these aren’t enough to keep you safe. Make sure you enhance your safety by cladding a white outfit to increase our visibility. Another thing you can do is to wear light up footwear. These shoes have tiny lithium-ion batteries like the ones on your phone or computer. Just like your electronic devices, they must also be charged for the soles to light up and continue to flash as the color changes. This will make you more visible to motorists and even pedestrians, preventing possible collisions.

  • Do not overcharge the hoverboard

Even if the hoverboard you have is top-of-the-line with a genuine battery, it’s not good to overcharge it. Some people make the mistake of charging their hoverboards overnight, meaning there is no one to monitor them. Typically, a hoverboard battery takes around four hours to charge fully. Charging beyond its limit could potentially end up in a fire. This is not something you want to happen. The goal of charging is to have enough battery life for your planned use. Do not overdo it!

  • Acknowledge the limits of the hoverboard

Hoverboards are fun and cool to ride; however, you must recognize that they have their own limitations. They can’t fly off ramps the way skateboards do and can’t be used to jump downstairs. Remember that they are breakable and strong impacts can damage the battery. Constant crashes have also been recorded to spoil the hard carbon bodies in some hoverboards.