Buying Guide For Soft Coolers – BGKOA Guide 101

Most of the people who venture outdoors don’t really like lugging around those bulky wheeled coolers which are super heavy once you fill all the stuff in. And more importantly, why carry around such a huge wheeled cooler when you know there aren’t many people to cater to? At such times, the soft cooler comes to the rescue! So if you’re planning to buy a soft cooler there are plenty of ice chests to choose from. Make sure that you choose the best that will suit your needs. In this article, we will see the tips to choose the best soft coolers.

There are many sizes of soft coolers available – so first, you decide what size will suit your requirements. SO for solo or couple trips, you can safely go in for a soft sided cooler that has a capacity as per your carrying requirements. Just because a specific soft cooler mentions it has so and so carrying capacity, it doesn’t mean it actually has that much. So check out and then buy.

Most of the soft coolers come with separate compartments for the stuff to be kept cool and other stuff that can be kept at normal temperature. So if you’re looking for a cooler that has full cold storage, make sure you get the one you want. Else you always have the option of settling for the one with compartments.


As compared to hard coolers, the softer ones have a limited ability to keep stuff fresh for a longer time. So it’s best you look out for the duration for which the cooler can keep your foodstuffs and beverages cool. Depending on where you are heading to, buy a cooler that can suffice you for the period of your outdoor stay.

Carrying method:

There are two types of handles for soft coolers – either you can carry it as a backpack, or the other option is to carry it on the shoulder. So according to where you’re heading to with the soft cooler, choose one as per your convenience. The backpack style is always better – just sling it on your back, and you’re hands-free for the rest of the time.

Waterproof cover:
Most of the soft coolers out there face this issue of not being able to sustain in wet climates. When you’re buying a soft cooler, make sure you invest in one that is made of waterproof material as only then will it be able to protect the materials you store inside. Also, waterproof coolers won’t affect the insulation too.